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It's the financing, stupid! A second opinion on Atul Gawande's "Cost Conundrum".

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I must confess that I was disappointed to see Dr. Gawande’s mantra that more or more expensive care is not necessarily better care go unchallenged even by the otherwise outstanding Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! Unchallenged, that is, when this rather obvious (or at least very reasonable) observation was presented as the critical explanation for why […]

Update on Mad As Hell Doctors and other single-payer issues


MAD AS HELL DOCTORS is a group of 7 doctors from Oregon who are so dedicated to promoting a single-payer health care system. They are about to begin touring the country in a caravan and plan to end it early October in Washington DC. They will hold town hall meetings wherever they go. Their route […]

Why It's Time, IV: Stay Ahead of Your Illness

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Okay, I’m not the only doctor out there who supports healthcare reform. Certainly not the only one at this site. I’m sure plenty of us docs have anecdotes that highlight the need for universal healthcare. So I don’t want to be immodest, but I gotta say, it’s hard to imagine a patient whose story supports […]