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Experience has shown that, in development work, we now have to change our tactics: We will no longer ask for political will or commitment, but instead, will push governments on their legal obligation.

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 Injustice is a social disease that needs to be combated with the force of an epidemic. We have no other world except this one; it is difficult to imagine improving it without changing it. (CETIM) 1. The need to push duty bearers on their legal obligations is neither new nor only true for national leaders; […]

Juan Manuel Canales, Recipient of Jonathan Mann Award

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[This was originally posted in July of 2006] The 2006 Jonathan Mann Award for Health and Human Rights was given to Juan Manuel Canales, a Mexican physician who has worked in the war zones of rural El Salvador and Chiapas, Mexico. This month the Social Medicine Portal highlights the work of this remarkable doctor who […]

Emory Medical School Social Medicine Elective

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Are you curious about just exactly what “social medicine” means?  This course was designed to answer that question.  The Social Medicine Elective was organized by Drs. Timothy Holtz and Alyssa Finlay and – as can be seen by the titles – covers an array of topics. You can download the course lectures as PowerPoint™ presentations.  […]