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Update on Honduran physician Luther Ware & Garifuna Hospital

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We have received the following update from MEDICC about the situation at the Garifuna Hospital in Honduras.  We feel it’s important to keep international attention on the situation in this hospital, particularly since the US government’s anemic response to the June 28th coup has been criticized in an 8/11/2009  New York Times Op-Ed piece as […]

Update on Dr. Luther Castillo & the Honduran coup

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From US Medical Student Joanna Mae Souers & MEDICC: Dr. Luther Castillo is a dear friend of mine… he is doing amazing things as a doctor in Honduras, and now that the world has turned it’s back, he’s trying to shed light on the situation… He asked us to thank all of you for defending […]

Cuba's Revolution at 50: The Importance of Health Care Workers

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January 1, 2009 marked the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Monthly Review, the US’s independent socialist magazine, devoted its January 2009 issue to the topic of Why Cuba Still Matters.  Among the articles in this issue, one particularly caught our attention: Steve Brouwer’s The Cuban Revolutionary Doctor: The Ultimate Weapon of Solidarity.  Brouwer’s article […]