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Dr. Roberto Belmar, Santiago Chile's Public Health Director, at the RSPM


On Tuesday, July 22nd we had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Roberto Belmar, the current Director of Santiago Chile’s Public Health Zone, speak at the RPSM. Dr. Belmar has a special relationship with our Department. In the 1970’s he came to Montefiore as a political refugee and worked for many years in the Social Medicine […]

Social Medicine Vol 3 No 2: Progressive Health Reforms in Latin America

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We have just published Volume 3, Number 2 of Social Medicine. The full table of contents in available on line. Here is some information about the articles: Earlier this year we invited Asa Cristina Laurell, a prominent Mexican public health activist to prepare a special issue on progressive health reforms in Latin America. Dr. Laurell […]

Salvador Allende: Chilean President, Advocate of Social Medicine

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In the 1930’s Salvador Allende, a public health physician, served as Chilean Minister of Health. He produced an analysis of the social origins of disease and suffering in Chile, La Realidad Medico-Social Chileña, arguing that the solution to health problems lay not simply in improved medical care but also in better sanitation, housing, nutrition and […]