The videos and audios on this page have been published in our on-line journals Social Medicine and Medicina Social. For more information about each piece, please check on the links to the corresponding article in the journal.

Seize the Hospital to Serve the People:
An interview with Activist Cleo Silvers, 2009
As a community mental health worker and member of the Black Panther Party and Young Lords, Cleo Silvers played key roles in events which led to the 1970 peoples’s takeover of Lincoln Hospital (See Social Medicine, Volume 2, No 2, 2007), one of the most poorly-run city hospitals in the late 1960s. She recounts approaches and specific tactics used by community groups that helped reform the delivery of health care in previously-neglected neighborhoods of the South Bronx.For more information on this film, please see an article published in Social Medicine by Dr. Carolyn Chu.

Out in the Rural
Produced by Judy Schader Rogers, 1970
This film is in a wmv file and requires Windows Media to be seen.

A classic film in community health…

Shot in the fall of 1969 and the winter of 1970, “Out in the Rural: A Health Center in Mississippi” highlights one of the very first Community Health Centers in the United States: the Tufts-Delta Health Center of North Bolivar County, Mississippi. The film captures the broad vision of a community health center involved in far more than traditional medical diagnosis and treatment. For more information on this film, please see an article published in Social Medicine by Dr. Carolyn Chu. This film is posted with the kind permission of Dr. Geiger.  It can be seen on this page.


Lincoln Hospital: The Decline of Health Care
Produced by Bruce Soloway, 1971
The old Lincoln Hospital

In April of 2007, our journal Social Medicine, published the audio tapes of a 1971 Pacifica Radio documentary about the conditions at Lincoln Hospital, one of the largest public hospitals in the Bronx. Lincoln had been briefly occupied by the community in 1970 and this takeover was the subject of several articles in the journal.

The audio file is available at this link in mp3 format. The audio tape was accompanied by an article. Here are the first few paragraphs:

“Lincoln Hospital: the decline of health care” was broadcast on WBAI radio in New York City on April 22, 1971, roughly a year after the community takeover of Lincoln Hospital (see Fitzhugh Mullan’s article “Seize the Hospital to Serve the People” on page 98 of this journal). The documentary provides an opportunity to
hear the voices of some of the people at the center of the struggle to reform – or revolutionize – one of New York City’s most dysfunctional hospitals.

These voices include physicians (Drs. Martin Stein, Helen Rodriguez-Trias, Lewis Fraad, Arnold Einhorn, and Fitzhugh Mullan), a community activist (Cleo Silvers), administrators (Antero Lacot, Edmund Rothschild, Stanley Bergin) and several patients.

Much of the documentary focuses on the health issues of the Bronx and the inadequacies of the hospital. Dr. Lewis Fraad notes, for example: “Lincoln Hospital is full of lead poisoning. And until recently, we have seen children get lead poisoning while hospitalized at Lincoln Hospital.” Patients recount long waits in the Emergency Room. […to read the rest of the article, click here]

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