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Social Medicine: An online, open-access journal: Started in 2006, Social Medicine is published in both English and Spanish. It is a collaboration between the DFSM and the Latin American Social Medicine Association (ALAMES). The journal is open-access and peer-reviewed. The Spanish version is available at We welcome submissions.

Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine: From Editor-in-Chief Paul Gross: “While leafing through a medical journal some years ago, it struck me that the scientific studies that filled its pages bore only a slight resemblance to my experience of the practice of medicine. For one thing, the patients in the studies seemed to enjoy swallowing pills. They remembered to take them and didn’t seem to mind their accompanying side effects. (Many of my patients, by comparison, already had a dozen bottles cluttering their kitchen counters; a new pill that made them tired or queasy was the last thing they wanted.) ” Visit Pulse at:

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