New Cable/YouTube Program, Prescription for Justice

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This is to announce the new show from the Public Health and Social Justice website, Prescription for Justice. The show, hosted by Dr Martin Donohoe, runs 30 minutes per episode, and will cover a variety of issues related to social justice, from health care to the environment to food justice to racism to war to economic justice. Most shows will begin with a review of the episode’s topic, followed by a discussion with a guest expert. The show began in Portland, Oregon in October, 2017, and has already been picked up by cable access markets in 6 other states. The first three episodes cover The Education System in the United States, Reproductive Rights for Women, and Nuclear Weapons and the Campaign to Abolish Them. Episodes are available on the program’s YouTube channel  at For information regarding obtaining the program for television markets in your area, go through PEGMedia or contact Martin at My production staff and I (all volunteer/unpaid) are hoping to be able to include guests from around the country via Skype or other video link, so if you have an issue about which you are passionate and would like to be considered as a possible guest (or know of someone who might be a good guest), please contact me.

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