11th Latin American Congress of Social Medicine, Bogota 11/17-21/2009

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Our friends at ALAMES, the Latin American Social Medicine Association, have just announced that the 11th Latin American Congress of Social Medicine will be held in Bogota, Colombia from November 17-21, 2009. We have published part of the announcement in our journal Social Medicine.

ALAMES was formed in 1974 in Cuenca,Ecuador at the initiative of Juan Cesar García, an Argentinean physician and sociologist.  ALAME’s membership includes some of Latin America’s most prominent academics as well as numerous activists and public health workers.  In the past few years ALAMES has been involved in designing and implementing several important health programs throughout Latin America.  Interested readers should consult Social Medicine’s issue devoted to Progressive Health Reforms in Latin America.

The Conference has two broad objectives:

1. To generate a process of political, academic, and social dialogue among organizations and social movements, health care, and academic institutions. This exchange will allow health care issues to be situated within the Latin American political agenda. It will acknowledge the different perspectives and emphasis in the social determination of health care through a prospective and retrospective analysis of health care as a right and equity as a goal.

2. To prepare a balance sheet of the developments, contributions, and difficulties of Latin American social medicine during ALAME’s 25 years with the development of proposals for its future agenda and an outline of its directives in the next 25 years.

The official languages of the conference are Spanish and Portuguese, limiting access to the conference for English-only speakers. We are hoping, nonetheless, to translate much of the proceedings into English. Interested readers of the Portal should contact Matt Anderson to see if a US delegation to the conference can be organized.

More information about the Conference can be obtained by writing the Coordinator, Mauricio Torres: maot99@yahoo.es

Posted by: Matt Anderson

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