Out in the Rural: A Health Center in Mississippi [with Jack Geiger]


Out in the Rural
Produced by Judy Schader Rogers, 1970
If you have problems with the streaming video, you can download the film here. It is 22 minutes long and may take some time to download.

A classic film in community health…

Shot in the fall of 1969 and the winter of 1970, “Out in the Rural: A Health Center in Mississippi” highlights one of the very first Community Health Centers in the United States: the Tufts-Delta Health Center of North Bolivar County, Mississippi. The film captures the broad vision of a community health center involved in far more than traditional medical diagnosis and treatment. For more information on this film, please see an article published in Social Medicine by Dr. Carolyn Chu. This film is posted with the kind permission of Dr. Geiger.

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8 Responses to “Out in the Rural: A Health Center in Mississippi [with Jack Geiger]”

  1. 1Matthew Anderson

    Dr. Geiger is an emeritus professor at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Science in New York City.

  2. 2Patrick Rogers

    Download is here https://vimeo.com/6659667

    How do I contact Dr Geiger?

  3. 3Candi

    This video is so thought provoking and moving. Sad to say….we are still facing these issue today and things have gotten worse for the poor and deprived…. it makes no sense that many people in this country can not meet the bare necessities required for humane living.

  4. 4Matthew Anderson

    I do not think the video is available commercially. If I learn of a way of getting it, I will post it here. Matt Anderson

  5. 5Joseph Martin Stevenson

    Can I get this video sent to me?

  6. 6Crow

    Interesting video. How I can download it?

  1. Computer Minister…

    Out in the Rural: A Health Center in Mississippi [with Jack Geiger] at The Social Medicine Portal…

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